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In recent times, we have seen a tremendous increase in passenger load across several airlines in the US. To talk about the numbers then 86% is the average occupancy rate. This has made them self-acclaimed the busiest air routes in the USA. Keeping all of this in mind there are several of them who want curated information on the top 10 busiest routes in the US.

In case you are one of those who want to seek all of the necessary information then this tutorial is a perfect guide for the same. Simply go through it and get all you want.

Top 10 Busiest Air routes in the US

New York – Los Angeles Flights

If you talk about the two largest metropolises then above mentioned are the ones. These two cities have the highest influx of passengers coming in as well as leaving which has made them retain the top spot.

Los Angeles – San Francisco Flights

We have noticed more than 10000 departures across this route, undoubtedly it has managed to retain the second spot.

New York – Chicago Flights

This route has managed to retain the third owing to the fact that it has the greatest number of business and vacation travelers.

Los Angeles – Chicago Flights

Chicago is one of the busiest routes in America and when you match it with Los Angeles then it becomes the busiest route to travel.

Atlanta – Orlando Flights

There are 5 airlines that cater to the needs. But these 5 in total take around 18142 flights which makes it the 5th busiest route to travel.

Las Vegas – Los Angeles Flights

Many people not opting to take a drive of 4 hours rather than take a flight. This makes it the 6th busiest route to travel.

Los Angeles – Seattle Flights

This is another route to talk about. It has one of the highest flights owing to business as well as vacation needs of the passengers.

Denver – Los Angeles Flights

The route has seen around 7.3% increase in the number of passengers traveling across the destinations which makes it the 8th busiest route to travel across.

Atlanta – New York Flights

We all know New York as one of the busiest routes in the work. Pairing it up with Atlanta makes the route the 9th busiest route to travel across.

Atlanta – Ft. Lauderdale Flights

On the east coast serving around 15858 flights in a year, this route is the 10th busiest route to travel across.

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